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The Water Conspiracy
Dr. Errol Stanford
56 Pages
ISBN 1-885778-32-5


Danger in our drinking water?
What you can do to protect yourself.

Have you had a glass of water lately? Do you know the chemical constituents of the water you drink? Questions that trouble millions of Americans everyday and the debilitating diseases that our water system carry to millions of home everyday is what Dr. Stanford answers in his epic book on the reason for the proliferation of bottled water companies. Is the Chlorine and fluoride in your water system actually preventing infections and tooth decays or are they turning your health into chemical dependencies and ultimately chronic diseases. The book raises interesting question about overpopulation and methods of population controls that have been used in many countries. As a nonmetallic element, chlorine, a diatomic gas is heavy non-combustible and has a pungent and irritating ordor, infact in its clear form is a poison and because it kills bacteria it was introduced in the water system. The problem is that chlorine, not only kills bacteria in the water, but also forms carbon tetrachloride after union with other elements, which is a contaminant. Chlorine breaks down the immune system and poisons the lymphocytes (white blood cells). In his book Dr. Stanford also sights other discoveries around the world about the chemicals which our government purposely introduce in our drinking water.

He dedicates a chapter to substances that you can introduce in your drinking water with great benefits; like lemon, garlic, charcoal, etc.

Dr. Stanford is a nationally acclaimed nutritionist.

He is the author of the following bestsellers published by Seaburn:
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