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Self Power
Tupacc Amaru III                    
Price: $11.00/Paperback
ISBN: 1-885778-26-0
2ND EDITION                      


Mind over matter is more than a cliché. It's why a swami can go into a lab and "stop" his heart; it is why a person under hypnosis can take without flinching, an electric shock which normally would make him scream for pain. This is the story of the man who can endure maximum pain. One of the most astonishing performances I have ever witnessed in my life.

Allan Spraggett, Toronto Sunday Sun

Mental Aerobic is about reconnecting with the innate power that has been stolen from many of us by the nature of our living. This book teaches how to create conditional reflexes to master your pains physically and emotionally and to prepare for greater success in your lives. With exercises and aromatherapeutic tips, Mental aerobics is the one book for every home from a man whose remarkable journey from the Amazons to superstardom has inspired over a generation of people. From his appearance in Kojak with Teli Savalas to mentoring youngsters and teaching them to stay away from drugs and alcohol, Tupacc Amaru's book will save lives.

TUPACC AMARU III grew up in the Amazon in Ecuador; he is the last student of the powerful Shaman, Pachu Tec. He is the founder of Vilca Banba Institute, whose residents are known for living long and productive lives. He promotes the mastery of physical and emotional pain through conditional reflexes. He has been featured on numerous TV shows worldwide. His patients include the famous Rocky Aoki of Japan, world renowned photographer Francesco Scavullo and H. Wachler who he cured of stomach ulcer. . ..

Gay Luce, science writer, and Dr. Erik Pepper of NYU have both experienced Amaru's methods in New York Laboratories.

...Tupacc Amaru III is without a doubt one of the world's most fascinating men alive. A spiritualist, and a man that possesses a rare inner power. The stories that he narrates are pure vitamins for the mind, catalysts that will awaken even the weakest of minds. His story of survival is one that will make you believe in the powers that lie within you.

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