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Tupac Shakur


The Rose That Grew From Concrete
Tupac  A. Shakur

ISBN 0671028448
Pocket Books

Tupac put these poems in the safekeeping of Leila Steinberg, who was Tupacís first professional manager and adult friend. We are indebted to Leila for her integrity in looking after the safety of Tupacís work. Her loyalty has allowed us the ability to offer this work in this medium.


Tupac Shakur
By the Editors of VIBE

ISBN 0609802178
Three Rivers Press
African American /Biography/Music

The editors of VIBE magazine wrote this book. It has an incredible collection of photos of Tupac. It also serves as Tupacís time line from humble beginnings to his tragic demise.

Rebel For the Hell of It:
The Life of Tupac Shakur (An HBO Movie)
Arnold White
$13.95 / Paperback

ISBN 1560251220

Music / Biography
Thunderís Mouth Press

This first full length biography of Tupac Shakur details each step in Shakurís development, from his early exposure to racism and political activism to this studies of drama to his early movie from New York to the West Coast and his innovative work with early hip hop culture and music. Arnold Whiteís Understanding of Tupacís art will uncork the bottled up rage and confusion that attends the way hip hop culture is produced and received.  The ever controversial Shakur offers a great occasion for a close, passionate reading of rap and ghetto culture.  His art can be helpful in cross-referencing the ideas of self expression and the efforts toward survival and resistance that seem so haphazard and conflicted in much of hip hop music.  Through connections drawn between Shakur and Public Enemy, Notorious B.I.G., Dr. Dre, Ice-T, Ice Cube, and Sister Souljah, White examines Shakurís life as a prism for the hip hop world.

Hailed as one of the best music books of the year by Q Magazine.