Sex and the Single Sister  (Five Novellas)
Maryann Reid
$ 23.95 / Hardcover
ISBN 031227498
Saint Martin’s Press

Mariann Reid’s Sex and the Single Sister, already dubbed “the black woman’s answer to Sex in the City, ”offers a titillating look into the love lives of five successful African-American women in their twenties. Through their romantic encounters we witness their struggles for independent, fulfilling lives and the troubles they go through to attain them.  These women “…are black princesses and want their prince.  They do not come from families with old money and their parents are not socialites.  They have just big dreams, are high achievers, and have paved their own way.  Martha’s Vineyard, international trips, tropical islands, and the Hamptons are their vacations of choice.  They are not chickenheads, and the men they choose are definitely not scrubs.  These girls though they live in different cities, travel in the same social circles and have great careers but empty personal lives.  Their stories are inspirational, funny tell-alls about the dating scene and making all the wrong moves.  There are two sides to every story, and each girl finds her lesson. If you think you are the only woman who hasn’t had sex since Clinton was in the White House, are suffering from “can’t find a man” blues, has had a string of bad dates, dated somebody’s daddy, or slept with your date’s girlfriend, then read on.  There is something to be learned in each story.   Sometimes the truth hurts, and sometimes, well it feels so damn good!”
A “page turner” that is sure to intrigue women of color as well any one else.

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