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Salonica Press:
is an imprint of Seaburn Publishing Group dedicated to Poetry.

Is dedicated to the publishing, promotion and distribution of poetry. Poets are welcome no matter how few their poems may be. Poems are edited and published for worldwide distribution.

Salonica Press will also accept poets from outside the US who are venturing out into the poetry scene of North America. 

Published Poets are also required to make time available for book signing events and poetry recitals. 

There is no cost to the poet and all poems are published within 40 days of submission.

All poems must be submitted only when completed. Email all completed manuscript to

  Just In
Across Time: Love Eternal
A Historical Science Fiction Adventure of epic proportions, with multiethnic characters. It is a love story, which lasts across the very depths of time.
O.J.Harp III
The Transatlantic Icarus
Icarus is a young person with an immense challenge to meet: either to stay under his father’s protection on the island of Catherine Grigoriou
 Featured Books
Reflections on Spain's St. James and His Way
This work focuses on biblical and ancient historical accounts, oral histories, contemporary historical analysis
Robert Hodum
  Featured Author
Five Year Vest
There was cheating on tests, cutting class, and falling asleep in class. In HS this is expected from students but ..
Mike DeMarino
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