ISBN: 1-885778-94-5
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---on the 11 day of the ninth month, two metal birds will crash into two tall statues... in the new city.

There are predictions and strange coincidences that rule our lives, this also applies to September 11, 2001, a day that will go down in infamy. From a numerology perspective - September 11, that is 9/11 or 9+1+1=11; There were 65 passengers on one of the American Airlines Flight 6+5=11; Flight number 11, crashed into tower one, standing next to each other, the twin towers looks like 11;  There are 11 letters in the words Pentagon, New York City and Afghanistan.

This book outlines Nostradamus predictions which were realized and continue to come to fruition.

Table of Contents

1.       Prophesy of King Henry
Prophesy of Kyakhta
3.                  Prophesy of Napoleon Bonaparte
4.                  Prophesy of Hitler
5.                  Prophesy of Air Wars
6.                  Prophesy of Submarines
7.                  Prophesy of New Holy Wars
8.                  Prophesy of America Attacked
9.                  Prophesy of Worldwide Holy Wars
10.              Prophesy of The Rebuilding of Mankind