No Monopoly On Suffering
(Blacks & Jews in Crown Heights and Elsewhere)
Rev. H. Daughtry
Foreword by Cornel West
ISBN: 0865435863


From the Foreword
"Like the prophets of old, Rev. Daughtry often has been misunderstood. His sincere outrage against injustice and social misery has challenged the status quo and unsettled the powers that be - at the White House, State House, City hall, Wall Street, New York Times, or Daily News. This is especially so in regards to his relations to Jews in New York...Needless to say, there certainly are some Black anti-Jewish bigots in America, yet, the false stigmas attached to those like Rev. Daughtry ironically increased their ranks. So I am delighted to see my brother and spiritual godfather set the record straight. His rich stories need to be heard."

This book is the authors attempt to set the record straight, to tell the true story of the Crown Heights riots, and to relate it to similar stresses throughout the country, to respond to vicious charges leveled at him, and to interpret and clarify- which he was rendered unable to do effectively at the time- the ongoing relationship between two of New York’s most sizable and outspoken ethnic groups.

Paedeia Reviews, NY