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From an in depth and extraordinarily thorough, cross-cultural analysis of the Tarot Major Arcana, to extensive, up-to-date and progressive scientific approaches to understanding Rapid Eye Movement, via variable brain-wavelength, Night Symbols reveals the subtle connection of perception, comprehension and the material, relativistic world. In this edition, man's relation to The Collective Unconscious is magnified and exposed in the focused light of a well documented reason. Manifest in R.M. Soccolich's obsession with collected research, is his uncanny ability to piece these diverse schools of thought together into a uniform and fully applicable discussion of human systems of rationalization, throughout history. His faith in universal order enables him to roll each piece of evidence he unearths under a holographic viewfinder, until its unique edges reveal distinct points of interconnectedness in the spectrum of an organized physical reality, past, present and future. In Night Symbols, Soccolich has engaged the conceptualization of a dynamic marriage, joining the physical sciences with ancient mystical wisdoms and their vivid archetypes. In the process, an investigative book about dream interpretation, becomes an encyclopedia encompassing the evolution of the human mind. All in all, this edition contains something for everyone!

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