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Mischievous Acts and Repercussions, Sam Chekwas and  R.M. Soccolich Mischievous Acts and Repercussions

Authors: Sam Chekwas and R.M. Soccolich

ISBN: 1885778457
Format: Paperback, 176pp
Pub. Date: 1998
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
Price: $13.00

    click to enlarge What is Karma? - Article by R.M. Soccolich

Mischievous Acts and Repercussions


Question: Have you ever consciously deceived your friends or family to get what you wanted?
Question: Have you ever cheated on your spouse or significant other?
Question: Have you ever kept money or property for yourself, which does not belong to you?

What will happen to me, if anything, as a direct result of my actions?

Most of us engage in a daily battle with our conscience. Each day we find ourselves faced with a myriad of decisions. Many of these decisions directly reflect upon our own system of ethics, our morals if you will. We are often concerned about the consequences of ethical and perhaps not so ethical, decisions we made. Thinking, "what will happen to me as a direct result of my actions?"

This publication was conceived to help elucidate one possible answer to this age-old ethical question. This book will reveal a universe which contains within its very infrastructure, a built-in, pre-ordained system of justice -- call it Karma, call it Reaping what you Sow, call it whatever you like, whatever suits you.
Our aim is to investigate and expose this universe - a universe where time and again, actions always seems to give birth to the most fitting, most ironic and without a doubt, most bizarre consequences!

We invite you to explore the eccentricities of time and space, the moment of universal recoil...


So much has been written about the phenomenon of karma over the years.
In point of fact, virtually all civilized cultures have a name and explanation for karma's mysterious retribution. Unfortunately, these definitions vary widely according to separate belief systems and social taboos. To make matters worse, the quest for concrete facts supporting karma have all come up dry.
In truth, scientific inquiry has only served to further confuse the issue of karma's phenomenon.

Regardless of this confusing state of affairs, the undeniable truth of karma remains clear to millions. In lieu of all this, Mischievous Acts and Repercussions does not seek to explain karma, but rather to expose it.
We welcome you into the bizarre world of karma. We want you to have a good long look at it. Now, what you take from it, is entirely up to you.

Good luck!

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