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The Rev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry hails from a family which has produced at least five generations of Black churchmen and women leaders. As National Presiding Minister of The House of the Lord Churches, Chairman emeritus of the National Black United Front and President of the African People's Christian Organization, he has risen to a position of national and international acclaim and responsibility. Through 40 years of involvement in community and church service, Rev. Daughtry has earned the title "The People's Pastor".

Among the numerous citations and awards he has received are honorary doctorate degrees from Seton Hall University (1980) and the State University of New York, College of Old Westbury (1992). Additionally, he has received citations and Resolutions from the US Congress and New York State Legislature honoring him for his many years of service to humanity. He was also among a select group of religious leaders from across the United States to be invited to attend the Presidential Breakfasts held periodically by President William J. Clinton.

Rev. Herbert D. Daughtry has been married to Dr. Karen Smith for 39 years and is the father of three daughters. He is also a grandfather of little Lorenzo.



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