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Cyprus: An Island Apart. A Personal Experience.
Seamus MacHugh
$16.00 / Paperback
ISBN 9963610145
Pub: Rimal Publications
Travel / History
Cyprus: An Island Apart is an account of the personal experiences of the author as he traveled here and there throughout Cyprus over a three-year period.  He visits all the places of major cultural and historical interest and with warmth and joy of perception he tells of ruins, the monasteries, the old castles, the big towns and little villages, the Byzantine churches and ancient temples and, of course, of the people he met along the way, Greek Cypriot, Turkish Cypriot and expatriates.  On his journeys, the author always takes with him the discerning and curious visitor who has limited time to spend in the country, or who alternatively wants to mix a couple of weeks beach holiday with a modest and selective tour of the major places of importance.  
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