The Road To Success
Chika Onyeani

ISBN : 0967846099

For every coin there are two images pressed on. For every generation there is a story to preserve and pass on. The new generation is responsible to preserve it, know it, and follow its principles. But what happens when they forget? When they forget the purpose of their very existence? This is where Dr. Chika Onyeani’s book comes “in ya face”.

It is a no nonsense hook punch into the realities of the condition of the Africans in the Diaspora. From the point of abuse the author states,  “I am quite frighten for my people, because I believe that in the next 20 to 50 years, the Black race would descend further into the abyss of the world’s totem economic pole unless we do something right now. He also states, “ The Black race is a slave- pure and simple- an economic slave”!

What makes this book an important “shake up” is that there are other authors like Dr. Onyeani, who have presented the facts and nothing but the facts to the Diaspora. One such author and publisher is Dr. Sam Chekwas. In his best selling book, “ The 100 Steps Necessary For Survival In America For People Of Color”, he states “Many of our youths suspend their individual and God given power, replacing their own self-reliance with the thought of an almighty “Big Brother” who will take care of all their needs. They feel as though they are powerless victims of society. Somehow they have abandoned, (or just plain forgotten), their long, painful ancestral struggles for freedom and justice”. 

Read this important historical document that will help shape, or change our mind, our hearts, and our world.


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