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Withered Petals (Paperback)
Author: Samia Muqueem
Price: $19.95
Pages: 196
: 2008


Category: Poetry



This newest collection of poetry has various themes evolving in many ways; we are shown how to be stronger and live our lives more fully by expressing self-discoveries. Traditional poetry has indeed laid the foundation on which to build upon and writing poetry is water for a parched soul. Poetry exists because of writing and speaking through the creative mind with powerful convictions. Poetry reveals itself through inspirational moments in life and inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places. The writer has allowed her thoughts to flow easily through her, leaving the audience filed with an awakening passion, new hopes, longings, and desires. The poet Joshua Clover once said The great poetry is written by people who understand there is nothing to be gained from it but the poem itself. The poems in this book portray both the inner and outer selves we all contain and attempt to represent the struggle between the two in an artist's rendering so as to illustrate the all-too-frequent rift separating real sensibilities and their linguistic translations.  
About The Author:

Ms. Muqueem's poetry encompasses a wide variety of themes, chief among those being, love, heartbreak, the bitter realities of life, anger, and death. When not writing poetry, the Ms. Muqueem enjoys, among other things, traveling, reading, photography, painting, cooking, as well as spending time with her pets. Ms. Muqueem was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Karachi University. She resides with her family in Crystal Lake City, Chicago.


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